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The Genius ERP Shopfloor web module provides a real-time reflection of the decisions that have been made during production planning. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES), according to Gartner, manages, monitors and synchronizes the execution of the real-time physical processes involved in the transformation of raw materials into intermediate and/or finished products. As soon as the work plan is ready, the Shopfloor module will collect information and monitor what is happening on the production floor in real time. This tool allows shop floor employees to view their task lists, track their work time, locate work in progress, and have a paperless 4.0 work environment. 

Genius Shopfloor gives you the ability to perform tasks on the go with our flexible, tablet-ready platform. Track real-time manufacturing data and production progress from raw materials to finished goods. Create instant alignment between management decisions and shop floor priorities. Bring your operations together with a complete view of your shop floor processes. Move to a paperless 4.0 environment with an all-in-one screen that consolidates all your information. Get relevant data with Genius Shopfloor and optimize your production.

Paperless 4.0

Save time and energy searching through filing cabinets and folders. Everything is on one screen, from instructions to work orders, engineering drawings, quality controls, work in progress, pickup location, work order completion, and more. Work from an on-screen workflow or by using a barcode scan. Simplify the display of the screen according to the needs of the floor staff. No need for paper production orders, manage work instructions using the attachment tool in Genius Shopfloor.

Monitor the flow of production data in real time and optimize production to and from the shop floor (labor, material, WIP tracking, work order location, etc.). Manage live status, filter, view and sort scheduled jobs. Sort sequential work, task groups and workflow. Get time tracking for costing and payroll. View pickup locations, sorting by location and real-time transactions via your tablet.

From management to the production floor, benefit from a controlled and unlimited flow of information. Reduce paperwork, human errors, and redundancies.

Real time priority management

Make decisions that close communication gaps and build a competitive edge around Genius Shopfloor. Adjust your priorities following your production planning (MES). Employees on the production floor will be equipped to provide actual time worked data to compare to your original production schedule.

With Genius Shopfloor, you can know where you are in production and keep track of material consumption. In other words, the plant operator can easily locate work in progress, identify actual material consumption, know when material is needed, add unscheduled items or quantities to the production line, track work in progress, and close out production orders to balance inventory for actual use or shipment.

The Genius web-based Shopfloor module provides active traceability of completed jobs, production orders and real-time access to engineering drawings with their latest revisions. You will be able to readjust your production plan (MES) at the end of the day and transmit instructions based on the new priority orders.

Time Tracking

Monitor time by employee, track work-in-progress costs, and analyze the completion of planned work directly on Genius ERP's Shopfloor interface. Reduce the need to go back and forth to clock in and out between your workers. With our easy access (tablet ready) and flexible platform, you can perform tasks on the go.

Improve productivity with automated processes such as digitized maintenance documentation. With one click, you can streamline your break and lunch management processes for each employee. In addition to tasks related to the production sequence, your floor employees can also create and assign administrative tasks or "to do lists" for specific requests according to the needs of the shop.

Easily identify a Non-Conformance (NCR) with accurate defect tracking, take and attach photos, track transactions and records. Eliminate human error by optimizing the quality control settings offered by Genius Shopfloor. 

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Paperless 4.0

  • Flexibility

  • Perform tasks on the go

  • Cut back on paperwork

  • Process automation (Iteration with MES and Smart Scheduling)

  • Real-time data flow (labor, material, WIP tracking, work order locations, etc.)

  • Secured profile per employee and adapted to their tasks

  • Track and monitor time by employee

  • Sorting of sequenced jobs, task bundles and workflow

  • Online status management and job screening

  • Real-time display of sorted and scheduled tasks based on material availability, previous job completion and inspections

  • On-going up-to-date data 

  • Quality control

  • Creation of NRC

  • Photo capture and storage

  • Reduction of human errors

  • Completion of inspection documents

  • Traceability of transactions and records Accurate defect tracking

  • Take and save pictures

  • Traceability on transactions and records

Genius Shopfloor

A Genius Feature for:

Smart Scheduling

Use dashboards to know immediately what needs to be done and to set priorities. Those priorities will help the MES and set the order on the shop floor. Schedule tasks, assign and track milestones to ensure work is always delivered on time. 

Production Managers

Completely change the way you plan your shop floor. Clarify tasks and priorities, ensuring alignment between you and your production team. Track job progress in real time.Maximize the throughput of your shop.

Inventory Manager

Track inventory levels, control costs and replenish inventory based on actual work orders with a streamlined, fully integrated system. Use mobile devices (tablets) to track and move materials, manage inventory, and eliminate duplicate data. Avoid production interruptions and eliminate unexpected shortages with access to live status.

Purchasing Manager

Always know what you have on hand and what materials are needed to complete a job. With Genius ERP, you will always have access to real-time inventory counts and know what needs to be purchased. Accurate inventory forecasts keep you in control of your purchases, which helps you better plan what you need to buy so that jobs can move through the pipeline and be completed on time.

Quality Controller

Create non-conformance reports (NCRs) and link them to the right sources (supplier, manufacturing, customer complaint, etc.) in one system. Employees can easily manage NCR entry and adjustment, saving time and ensuring compliance.

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