Get a complete view of your processes with a connected production floor

Your shop floor is the heart of your business - make sure it is connected to your whole operation with Genius ShopFloor. Maximize your shop's coordination and collaboration and get your company firing on all cylinders.

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Paperless 4.0

Do it all in one screen, from paperless access to information, time tracking, WIP tracking, live pick route, to work order completions.

Real time priority management

Create instantaneous alignment between upper management decisions and shop floor priorities.

Time Tracking

Track work-in-progress costs and analyze the completion of planned work. Perform tasks on the go with our easy access (tablet ready) and flexible platform

Make decisions that close communication gaps and build competitive edge

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Paperless 4.0

  • Flexibility

  • Perform tasks on the go

  • Process automation (Iteration with MES and Smart Scheduling)

  • Real-time data flow on labor, material, WIP tracking, work order locations, etc.

  • Secured profile per employee and adapted to their tasks

  • Online status management and job screening

  • Real-time display of sorted and scheduled tasks based on material availability, previous job completion and inspections

  • On-going up-to-date data

  • Quality control

  • Photo capture and storage

  • Reduction of human errors

  • Traceability on transactions and records

“A couple of years ago when I came in I realized that all of the operations were centralized in the office and that nobody was accountable on the floor. So I decided to make sure that people on the floor are accountable and are part of the solution.” 

Alain Turgeon of Motrec

Director, R&D, Continuous Improvement, and IT


A Genius Feature for:

Smart Scheduling

Use dashboards to know immediately what needs to be done and to set priorities. Those priorities will help the MES and set the order on the shop floor. Schedule tasks, assign and track milestones to ensure work is always delivered on time. 

Production Managers

Completely change the way you plan your shop floor. Clarify tasks and priorities, ensuring alignment between you and your production team. Track job progress in real time. Maximize the throughput of your shop.

Inventory Manager

Track inventory levels, control costs and replenish inventory based on actual work orders with a streamlined, fully integrated system. Use mobile devices (tablets) to track and move materials, manage inventory, and eliminate duplicate data. Avoid production interruptions and eliminate unexpected shortages with access to live status.

Purchasing Manager

Always know what you have on hand and what materials are needed to complete a job. With Genius ERP, you will always have access to real-time inventory counts and know what needs to be purchased. Accurate inventory forecasts keep you in control of your purchases, which helps you better plan what you need to buy so that jobs can move through the pipeline and be completed on time.

Quality Controller

Create non-conformance reports (NCRs) and link them to the right sources (supplier, manufacturing, customer complaint, etc.) in one system. Employees can easily manage NCR entry and adjustment, saving time and ensuring compliance.

The ERP for custom manufacturing.

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