Genius Analytics

Drive profit with clear business decisions

Genius Analytics is an easy-to-use self-service platform that gives you real-time visibility on operation status, efficiency, and performance metrics.

Pinpoint potential issues and bring solutions that can drive profit and help your business grow.

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Make the right decisions when it counts

Our connected and integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides accurate facts, figures, and information to help you make decisions, and set the right direction for your company. Streamline the power of data and become a confident decision maker.

Data tailored to your needs

Monitor and measure your company performance using live, customized, and easy to understand dashboards in Genius Analytics. Upgrade dashboards with your company branding and logos and analyze information across multiple sources.

Built-in Metrics and KPI's

With a metrics library, Genius Analytics helps you set performance targets and accurately measure your operations. Speed report development and dashboard creation. Easily turn insights into actions saving you time and empowering your users with fast, clear and embed data.

Make faster and more confident decisions with a constant and reliable overview of your historical and present data.

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Connected and integrated BI tool

  • Self-service analytics

  • Custom dashboards

  • Library of standard reports

  • Library of standard metrics and KPI’s

  • Easy to use – no SQL knowledge necessary

  • Seamless on-the-go access through Genius Web

  • Tailored reports for custom branding, fields and displays

Genius Analytics

A Genius Feature for:


Genius ERP delivers real-time visibility across your whole company, empowering your key staff to make better decisions. Get access to custom reports and self-service dashboards to improve the performance of your team. Genius Analytics lets you harness your corporate data, pull out valuable insights, and create dynamic reports to better understand your business, make key decisions, achieve your goals — and ultimately grow your business.

Production Scheduling

Analyze employee, machine, and department usage to learn how to efficiently move jobs through your shop. Reduce inefficiency by creating better schedules, based on actual capacities.

Inventory Control

Effectively track inventory use across jobs for better inventory management. Avoid production interruptions by eliminating surprise material shortages and replenish based on actual on-the-job demand or for inventory.

Supply Chain Management

Evaluate supplier performance on a regular basis to better negotiate prices, ensure timely deliveries, and maintain high standards of quality,

Financial Management

Develop budgets that incorporate production, operations, sales, fulfillment, as well as up-to-date financial figures for optimal forecasting and planning. Analyze information across multiple departments to set performance goals and to create accurate profitability and financial models.

Cost Management

Track job costs throughout the production process to get a true job cost. Assimilate information from the entire production process to create more accurate quotes and estimates.

The ERP for custom manufacturing.

Find out if Genius ERP is the right end-to-end manufacturing ERP software solution for you.

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