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Reelex needed an ERP for high volume production runs, and a system that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing, as well as services. It also had to be compatible with Sage 300. Genius Solutions proved to be the right fit.

REELEX & Genius ERP: No tangles and the right packaging

The Company

REELEX Packaging Solutions, located in Patterson, NY, is the creator of the REELEX packaging system. The company develops and supports every aspect of REELEX, from packaging supplies to machine manufacturing, global service and support.

The REELEX patented concept allows cable to be folded onto itself in a figure-eight pattern, preventing any twisting or curling of the coil. The concept was first developed during World War II as a potential means for rapidly deploying cable in the battlefield. It was still in development at the war’s end, but came into common usage with the growth of international telecommunications infrastructure.

In 1973, Belden became the first cable manufacturer to sign a license agreement and the first to purchase a REELEX machine. Today, there are over 100 licensees operating in over 140 manufacturing plants worldwide, and REELEX has become the standard package for most telecommunications cable as well as several other types of wire, cable and fiber optic products.

The Challenge

REELEX president Thomas Copp and his son and vice president of business development Timothy Copp realized that they needed an ERP system if they were to continue growing.

“When we started getting busier, we ran into issues where we forgot to place an order and we didn’t have a good feel for lead times,” explained Tim Copp. “We realized we had to get a handle on all of the structure around production.”

The management team went on the hunt for a quality ERP solution that would fit their company’s custom needs at a fair price. REELEX also required a system that would integrate well with their existing Sage 300 accounting software and could handle multi-level BOMs. One of their sales representatives suggested Genius ERP, as it is specialized for SME manufacturers.   

Top Needs:

  • Inventory control for long-lead items
  • Production planning visible across the whole company
  • An ERP that would integrate with existing accounting software

The Solution

After careful vetting of various ERPs, the company went with their sales representative’s suggestion: Genius ERP.

“When Genius first came on board it was a fantastic learning experience,” says Tim Copp. “We were able to dive deep into how we do things and identify the issues where we were lacking and address them.”

Once up and running, REELEX and its team – which includes electrical and mechanical engineers, designers, CAD and electronics technicians, welders, painters, and field technicians – were able to improve production planning by tracking projects and identifying products that weren’t being completed on time. Genius ERP also gave them the ability to easily share all information related to each job project throughout the entire company – something they had never be able to do before.

With Genius ERP, REELEX is able to receive work orders and immediately account for how long it will take to complete that specific order, the cost associated to it, and – as a result – how much to charge based on these factors.

“Genius has helped us organize and track where parts are in the stockroom,” said Tim Copp. “Not just that – being able to easily pick it when we ship a product and anybody in the plant having access to that information … we don’t just have to rely on one person to know where things are.  

“Genius has been, in some ways, life changing for the company, and has helped bring us into the 21st century.”

Most Popular Features Used

  • Estimating
  • Product Engineering
  • Employee Module
  • Project Management

Features of Interest

Full Description

Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites and custom programs to share real-time information with dealers and customers.

Full Description

Product Engineering

Take CAD designs, transform them into BOMs and RFQs, save engineering time and reduce data entry and production errors.

Full Description


With just one system, connect finances, production, and all payment info to a specific job for easy tracking.

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