Raglan ERP Software Case Study

Raglan / Transportation / Oshawa, ON
Raglan’s existing ERP system wasn’t growing with the company, so they turned to Genius for a solution that would centralize operations, from order placement to delivery. The trailer manufacturer also needed an ERP that could handle each revenue source: new builds, repairs, and spare parts.
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The company

Raglan Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures custom trailers for a variety of needs and industries. The 3rd-generation, family-run company prides itself on delivering quality products and excellent customer service.

Founded in 1959 as a welding shop serving primarily local farmers, today, Raglan’s diverse product line includes hopper dumps, end dump trailers, ejectors, flatbeds, heavy haul floats, frameless dumps, gravel packers, live bottoms, pony dumps, rock boxes, scrap haulers, tanks, and truck boxes.

Raglan’s 85,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located on a 20-acre property in Oshawa, Ontario. With a focus on innovative design to meet the changing demands and requirements of the trailer industry, Raglan serves customers across the US and Canada. In addition to manufacturing new builds, Raglan also repairs construction and farm equipment, and sells spare parts.

Key features

The challenge

As a custom trailer manufacturer that orders parts and materials specific to jobs (including long-lead items), and one that also manages repair and spare-parts sales departments, Raglan’s front office handles an enormous amount of information and accounting.

It was clear the company’s legacy ERP system wasn’t capable of growing with the company. While transitioning to the 3rd generation of management, Raglan sought to implement a new software system that would allow it to increase output while maintaining costs.

“To decrease the time from order placement to delivery, we knew we had to move away from the use of so much paper and transition towards computerized operations across our factory,” said Erin McClain, administrator at Raglan Industries and granddaughter of the company’s founder.

The new ERP system had to handle unique design-to-production steps for this custom trailer manufacturer. It also needed to sort out and organize all accounting and planning across Raglan’s three streams of revenue: new builds, repairs, and spare parts. Each had different pricing structures as well.

Top requirements

The solution

Raglan ultimately chose Genius ERP because it fit the company’s growth strategy and would help it stay competitive in all three of its revenue streams.

“We ended up choosing Genius because it was clear that the software could meet our technical needs,” said McClain. “And then, when the Genius sales rep came to visit us and did a walk-through of our factory, it was clear he understood where we were and where we needed to be.”

While integration of Genius ERP was ongoing, Raglan was already seeing an improvement in operational processes, such as streamlined purchasing and employee time-collection using Genius ERP screens right on the shop floor.

“With Genius, we’re confident we found a long-term partner as we continue to grow in our industry,” said McClain.

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