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This truly custom shop needed an ERP that could help them transform their processes and keep on top of their job costs.

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I think the biggest improvement we’ve had since we’ve implemented the software is the ability to see what we have worked on in the past, and what we are going to work on in the future. It gives us a lot more context of what we should be doing, and when we should be doing it.

C. Brandon Stine
Production Manager
About the company

The company


A truly custom shop, Elemoose is highly sought after for their unique custom signage and architectural elements, which they create from the ground up for each of their customers. “What I love about working here is the ever-changing pace and climate. Our owner—not only will he actively seek out the toughest, closest to impossible projects—but his fearless attitude of accepting it and then pushing the boundaries of what we think we are capable of, never ceases to amaze me,” saysTrent Auvil, Elemoose’s Engineering Supervisor.

Elemoose is located in Springfield, Missouri and has 50 employees.


Custom fabricator of signage, props and architectural building finishes in fiberglass, foams, plastic, wood and metals.

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The Challenge

The challenge

In high demand for their imaginative, unique and high-quality work, Elemoose was having trouble keeping track of jobs across their shop floor, and understanding their job costs, which was eating into their profits. They also lacked any inventory control systems: “Before we had Genius we didn’t have an inventory tracking system, period. We would count our products at the end of the year, compare it to what we had bought, to find out where we were,” says Chad Baker, Elemoose’s Operations Manager.

Elemoose was looking for an ERP system that could give them greater visibility throughout their organization, help them improve their processes, track their inventory, and get a handle on job costs. Elemoose also needed an ERP software system that was built for their unique needs as a custom shop: “Genius was different than the other software I looked at because it was built more for design-build shops, which is what we are.” states Bonnie Croney, Elemoose’s Estimator.

Top requirements

Accurate Job Costing

To help Elemoose know which types of projects and clients to pursue to increase their profitability


To acquire an understanding of what is going on across their organization to improve efficiencies and grow their business

Real-time Data

To gain real-time oversight of their production processes and inventory to improve their planning and shop performance

The solution

The solution

Genius ERP was the right fit for Elemoose from the start. Not only is it designed exclusively for custom manufacturers like themselves, and includes the tools and functionalities they need to run their busy design-based shop, Genius ERP helped them, starting from the implementation phase, to improve their processes and become a more efficient shop.

In addition Elemoose has been able to gain visibility into their shop floor, helping them to improve their performance—and know their job costs. “The single biggest improvement for the engineering department since Genius is easily the ability for the production employee to report back to us what was done in real-time.” says Auvil.

Elemoose has also been able to keep on top of their inventory counts with Genius ERP. An integrated ERP inventory management system gives Elemoose the capability to avoid production interruptions by eliminating surprise material shortages, replenish stock based on actual on-the-job use, and keep real-time counts for hyper-accurate job-costing.

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Key Features

Key features

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Key features

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A connected system gives Elemoose hyper-accurate job costing, letting them know which types of projects to pursue to make them more profitable.

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Production Management

Visibility across their organization, along with the ability to access historical data, lets Elemoose better plan their production schedule—and improve their communication across departments.

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Inventory Control

Real-time inventory tracking allows Elemoose to not only know which materials have been allocated to a certain job, but also allows Elemoose to more easily make on-the-fly changes.

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