Top Management

Improve performance, profitability, and grow your business with features built to give senior management valuable business insights. Use real-time data to measure KPIs and create customized reports. Drill down into company data to produce in-depth analyses of business performance, and to help make the important decisions that will lead your company in the right direction.

Finance & Purchasing

Genius ERP’s fully integrated accounting suite lets your accounting and finance department confidently manage all financial aspects of your manufacturing operation without the need for 3rd party software. Streamline accounting processes, get more accurate job costing and financial forecasting, and make better financial decisions with our full-service accounting module.


Keep your sales team organized and informed, and take control of your entire sales pipeline with Genius CRM. Managers can ensure that direct sales and distribution channels are being efficiently maximized. Salespeople can track opportunities, manage communications, and organize tasks. And Genius CRM is fully integrated with Genius ERP letting you pass information easily between systems to better manage customer relationships.


Get complete visibility and manage every aspect of your operations with Genius ERP. Use real-time dashboards to monitor key indicators to track job progress, shop efficiency, and employee performance. Manage supply chain infrastructure and processes to maximize profitability with built-in features including inventory control, quality management, scheduling, shipping and receiving, invoicing, and more.


Handle all of the complexities of multi-variable manufacturing, and let your engineering department focus on what they do best with Genius ERP. Genius CAD2BOM allows you to take full advantage of our estimating and bill of manufacturing features, eliminates redundancies, and automatically syncs data, including BOMs and routing instructions, to ensure that you produce a great product within the desired timelines.

Shop Floor

Ensure your shop floor runs smoothly and prevent costly bottlenecks with our ERP software that connects every aspect of your operation. Always have the material necessary on-hand to build in the timelines provided. Features such as material planning, scheduling, project management, and production planning, among others, ensure your shop floor runs efficiently and jobs get out the door on time.

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