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L’école des Métiers en Aéronautique de Montréal (ÉMAM) has chosen Genius ERP’s Academic Program to help train the next generation of specialized workers on the tools they will use in a working manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing technologies are rapidly and continuously evolving. As the industry delves deeper into technology, L’ÉMAM is giving their students the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in this changing landscape.

Students will actively use Genius ERP as part of their course of study, giving them an important early opportunity to learn how to use an ERP, instead of waiting until after they graduate to get up to speed with this critical manufacturing software.

The partnership between l’ÉMAM and Genius ERP will provide students with real-life software experience, allowing them to help manufacturers be more productive immediately after graduation. Students will learn industry best practices, hands-on in a real-world setting, with Genius ERP’s Manufacturing Execution System.

Students will gain hands-on experience with:

  • Prioritized tasks and time reporting
  • Progress reporting, and how this impacts management decision-making;
  • Production standard key performance indicators, including OEE;
  • Shop floor information systems and tools;
  • Teachers will also track student progress via shop floor data to help tailor the learning experience for each student.

“This new technological approach will allow L’ÉMAM students to acquire additional, concrete skills they can apply as soon as they join the workforce. Our students will be even better prepared to help aerospace businesses in the current context of labor shortages.”

– Éric Dionne, Director, Montréal Aeronautical Trades School

“This partnership with ÉMAM is part of our vision to accelerate manufacturing growth in the Québec and around North America. We look at this partnership as a way to help train the next generation of manufacturers, with tools actually used in the industry. We are helping to advance the technological shift in Québec’s manufacturing industry.”

– Nicholas Morin, VP Growth and Innovation at Genius ERP

Montréal Aeronautical Trades School – A UNIQUE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD

The first factory school in Canada and the only one in the world to be part of a public school system, EMAM occupies a modern and functional building of 9,755 square meters. The factory section fully reproduces the context of working in a company, including the standards and safety rules in force in the industry. There are: a machine park, open-space workshops, a numerically controlled machining section, a metrology laboratory, a printed circuit laboratory, a clean room, a composite materials laboratory and ten sections of life size aircraft fuselage.

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