Genius ERP Partners With CEI MTL To Help Support the Digital Transformation of Quebec Manufacturers

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Genius ERP is excited to announce our new partnership with CEI MTL. Together, we are working to promote and support the digital transformation of manufacturers in the Montreal region toward industry 4.0.

The Montreal Industrial Expertise Center (CEI MTL) assists manufacturers with their industrial initiatives and digital transformation projects to help them improve their performance and production. With over 3,500 square feet of space dedicated to showing off the latest in digital manufacturing technology, CEI MTL gives local manufacturing and technology companies the opportunity to:

  • Promote technological solutions
  • Discover manufacturing 4.0 concepts
  • Understand the interconnectivity of industry 4.0 technologies
  • Test how well your technology integrates with other solutions
  • Envision the factory of tomorrow

We are excited to partner with CEI MTL to advance local industry and provide technology solutions to Quebec manufacturers. “Getting the order is not the issue anymore, getting the project delivered on time is the main roadblock for SMB manufacturers,” says Nick Morin, VP at Genius ERP. “They need to find ways to be more productive — manufacturers are hit by resources shortage (parts, machine, technicians, or all of the above) — SMB manufacturers need to implement solutions to bridge this gap.” Morin continues: “That’s why Genius ERP is involved, and proud to be part of this project with CEI, to demonstrate the value of embracing digital transformation to increase the performance of Quebec manufacturers.”

CEI MTL Develops New Fully Automated Quality Cell To Test the Advantages of Automation

Along with the support of local tech companies, CEI MTL has developed a fully robotic quality cell that automates the quality control process and demonstrates how technology can improve manufacturing processes — and alleviate the ongoing labor shortage within the industry.

CEI MTL created the fully automated tool to show how industry 4.0 technologies can improve manufacturing operations. The cell highlights how manufacturers can use technology to perform low value-added quality control tasks, such as visual or dimensional inspection of parts, to help overcome the shortage of workers needed to carry out such jobs while still ensuring consistent quality for local manufacturers.

With their ability to immediately transfer and communicate key information, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are well suited to activities that need accuracy and repetition — like quality control operations. Manufacturers can automate low value-added tasks, allowing them to reserve high value-added functions for their staff, which can help with the current problem of attracting and keeping employees. In this way, local manufacturers can consistently deliver the high-quality manufactured goods they are known for with few employees.

The automation of quality operations is an excellent starting point for local companies to begin their digital transformation — and a way for Quebec manufacturers to alleviate labor recruitment issues. You can read more about this project on CEI MTL’s website.

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