ERP Accounting Module

Genius ERP's easy-to-use accounting module, in sync with all parts of your business and projects.

Genius ERP system finance modules boasts centralized support for all manufacturing and accounting operations, eliminating double entry and the need to maintain two parallel systems.

One system, completely connected across your operations

Genius ERP accounting module includes multiple features that covers all of your business processes like accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, cash flow, and banking management modules.

User-friendly accounting solution

The system is user-friendly, flexible, and intuitive. Our implementation team, rich in accounting experience and understanding of your business needs, can train your front office quickly.

Genius Accounting features:

  • Multi-currency exchange rate management and profit/loss calculation
  • Multi-company capabilities
  • Multiple locations capabilities
  • Milestone payments/billing & revenue recognition
  • Perpetual or periodic inventory management
  • Ability to drill down to source transactions and keep an audit trail
  • Financial reporting, financial statements, and dashboards
  • Unlimited data history access
  • General ledger account code modification tool
  • Chart of accounts structure with up to 5 segments
  • Budget management, monthly or otherwise defined
  • Recurring entries and reversing existing journal entries
  • National customer account management
  • Payment batches and multiple criteria selection
  • Bank accounts transactions paired with general ledger
  • Sales Taxes
  • and much more.

Features of Interest

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Motrec needed an ERP solution that could not only streamline their business processes but could be the foundation for their ambitious growth

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Custom Fabricator / Springfield, MO

Genius ERP has been instrumental in helping Elemoose transform their processes and keep on top of their job costs.

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Equipment & Packaging / Patterson, NY

Reelex needed an ERP for high volume production runs, and one that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing.

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