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Move your production to the next level.

From engineering-to-cash, Genius ERP is the complete ERP solution for custom manufacturers and is designed specifically for engineering-driven manufacturing environments.

Convert CADs
to BOMs

With one click turn Solidworks models into a fully itemized, complex BOMs.

Engineering to Manufacturing

Alleviate design bottlenecks and anticipate resource requirements with fully incorporated engineering.

Connect accounting, CRM and MRP

Align your whole company and manage the priorities that drive your organization forward.

Plan. Execute. Measure. Improve.

Genius ERP comes standard with features to increase throughput and profitability per project.

Product Engineering - Manufacturing ERP Features

Better product engineering

Transform CAD designs into BOMs and RFQs.

Inventory Control - Manufacturing ERP Features

Inventory Control

Optimize purchasing for a rolling stock of goods to avoid material and long-lead item shortages.

Project Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Project Management

Save time and reliably meet delivery targets with intuitive purchasing ahead of BOM.

Customer Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Customer Management

Determine true costs to provide accurate quotes for on-time delivery.

Quality Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Quality Management

Ensure quality and uphold standards, monitor corrective practices, and track warranties.

Employee Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Employee Management

Manage payroll and allow employees to invoice and manage costs all in one platform.

Production Planning - Manufacturing ERP Features

Production Planning

Maximize throughput based on real-time production floor oversight and impact on resources.

Vendors Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Vendor Management

Make multiple price inquiries, combine orders, and reorder items based on minimum stock.

The ERP designed just for you.

Save on engineering time, streamline production, and guarantee projects are headache- and error-free with software that automatically converts CAD models into BOMs. Trust that you will always have an accurate and up-to-date BOM ready for procurement, planning, pricing, and production.

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With the implementation of Genius, we're able to see things in-process and we're able to keep histories of job profitability. We know much more now than we ever did."

Jim Hodges
Fil-Trek Pressure Vessel & Tank Manufacturer

The Genius ERP Difference

Handle more jobs, take on new customers, and grow your business with the only ERP designed exclusively to handle the complexities of custom manufacturing.

Grow your business

Save time, reduce data entry and production errors, and get more done with less.

Improve throughput

Reduce bottlenecks, rejection rates, and equipment downtime with real-time oversight.

Ensure Profitability

Connect all your departments from accounting to production; clearly oversee the costs, benefits, and logistics

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