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Trailer manufacturers: There’s an ERP custom-built to handle your setup!

Genius ERP is the right fit for high-variable transportation equipment manufacturing.

Why transport equipment manufacturers choose Genius ERP.

Essential features for custom manufacturing.

Genius ERP automates time-consuming steps and allows plants to quote for more jobs with features like CAD2BOM, which transforms your designs into bills of materials for progressive release as part of a fully-integrated material resource planning system.


your ability to take designs through to speedy delivery with an ERP designed for custom trailer manufacturing.

Integrations that bring everything together for complete oversight.

All aspects of a product's life cycle are covered by an easy-to-use, accessible system, with accounting and finance integrated to a single job number as well. No more patching systems and spreadsheet confusion.


your design and accounting software with a manufacturing ERP that’s easy to use, and ready out of the box.

A team that knows what drives transportation equipment manufacturing to the next level.

Genius ERP consultants speak the language of manufacturing. Our implementation team knows your processes and customer expectations. Your best people know your business inside out. Same goes for us.


with dealers, become a reliable supplier and increase throughput with a complete system built for your setup.

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