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Schedule your shop floor with precision

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“Overall, Genius ERP has allowed our business to be more proactive, rather than reactive, in providing top quality products and services to our valued customers.”
- Pat Kennedy
Kennedy Tank and Manufacturing Co.

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Genius ERP helps you schedule your entire shop — labor, resources, machine time, plant flow — better, and with real-time data, so you always complete jobs on time. Genius ERP is built exclusively for custom manufacturers and connects your plant from top-floor to shop-floor, letting you stay on top of your entire operation with one system. Use historical data to more accurately estimate production times, and monitor jobs in real-time to identify bottlenecks before they happen.

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The obstacles manufacturers have
with basic ERPs:

Continual inventory issues

Parts get allocated twice, or aren’t on the shelf when you need them. Information isn’t shared when and how it needs to be.

Disconnected accounting

A jerry-rigged system tends to develop around an ERP that requires a lot of oversight and checking, eliminating the potential for greater efficiency.

Wasted engineering time

The time your engineers spend taking designs into MRP-ready BOMs and RFQs might be halting production right out the gates, instead of streamlining this and staging production for increased throughput.

Genius ERP

Genius ERP for design-to-delivery performance:

Continual inventory control

Anticipate long-lead item requirements in advance, batch orders and put in place a rolling inventory that matches work in the pipeline.

Connected accounting

With everything centralized, tied to a job number in the MRP and historically trackable, accounting moves beyond manual checks and balances.

Optimized engineering time

Take input functions, which are prone to errors, out of human hands while saving money. Instantly transform CADs into BOMs and RFQs, reducing data entry and production errors.