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Searching for the right ERP?

You can try wide-market ERPs like Epicor,
or you can choose the ERP built for SME custom manufacturers.
Discover Genius ERP

Genius ERP vs. wide-market ERPs

Get the ERP for SME custom manufacturers.

Custom manufacturers need an ERP system for high-variable manufacturing. Wide-market ERPs focus on repeat manufacturing, if they focus on manufacturing at all. With better cost-to-value and better service, Genius ERP is the complete solution for the added complexities of custom manufacturing.

Custom manufacturers finally have an ERP built for them.

If you do ETO, MTO or CTO production, you know how engineering time, quotations and long-lead items can drag out production. This doesn't have to happen, but still does with many ERPs. Genius ERP connects processes with features including CAD2BOM and high-variable project planning, so jobs don't stall at any stage.

Increase throughput, using the setup and team you have in place.

A complete solution, and experts that speak your language

Wide-market ERPs like Epicor use value-added resellers for sales, service and customer care. Genius ERP has an in-house team of custom manufacturing experts — no third parties. Our complete solution requires no costly software patches either.

One company. One solution. No resellers. No workarounds.

With Genius ERP, you are not just another number.

Wide-market ERPs are designed, priced and implemented with large, repeat manufacturers in mind. Genius ERP is designed, priced and implemented with SME custom manufacturers in mind. When you call Epicor or Infor for a demo, compare them to the ERP that focuses only on you.

From design to delivery, Genius ERP is for custom manufacturers.


your design and accounting software with a manufacturing ERP that’s easy to use, and ready out of the box.

"Genius ERP walked us through the process from design, to accounting, to shipping a product through the door. And we thought: 'Wow, this is perfect.'"

Kathy Marsden
Office Manager, Glider Guard


With Genius ERP, go from design to production with features including CAD2BOM, Genius Estimating, Quoting  and Accounting.


From top floor to shop floor, Genius ERP improves throughput with Inventory Control, Project Management and Compliance Tracking.


Harness your valuable data with Genius ERP, and improve incrementally with Reports, Indicators, and Employee and Customer modules.

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For custom manufacturing, Genius ERP is the complete solution, delivered by the right team.Sign up for a demo and see for yourself.