Don’t get stuck  at the shop level.

Get the ERP that will move your shop to the next level.

    Grow your business with Genius ERP.

    Job-shop ERPs like E2 Shop might do the trick when you're small and starting out. But when you're ready to grow, you need a system built for your expanding shop and one that can handle the complexities of high variable manufacturing. Get the ERP stacked with all the features you need to get the job done right.

    Genius ERP is built for growing SME manufacturers like you.

    Shop-level ERPs vs Genius ERP

    Struggling with inventory controls, scheduling and production issues?

    Shop-level ERPs can’t handle the complexity of high-volume, low-volume manufacturing. Get the ERP built specifically for growing custom manufacturers like you.

    Better Inventory Control

    Avoid production interruptions by eliminating surprise material shortages.

    Speed up Production

    Create precise shop floor schedules in real-time, according to true constraints.

    Optimize Engineering Time

    Save on engineering time, reduce errors and align projects with CAD2BOM.

    Move your production to the next level.

    From engineering-to-cash, Genius ERP is the complete ERP solution for custom manufacturers. Complete projects like never before, take on more jobs with your existing setup, and deliver on time, every time with Genius ERP.

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    "Genius is going to be the foundation of our growth for the next 5 to 10 years... and we can see great things come from it."

    Gary Hinds

    Hinds Bock Corporation

    "Genius Manufacturing helped our company grow by 25% without adding more staff. We can now make 35% more quotes with the same personnel."

    Dominic Fortin


    Features that cover entire product lifecycles.
    A system that connects your entire business.

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