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Manufacturers need
the right ERP

Just like the machinery in your shop and the culture at your company, Genius ERP is considered from the point of view of what small and midsized manufacturers need to get the job done right.

With Genius ERP, take hold of the best tools for the job.

Custom manufacturing?
No longer a puzzle.

It’s one thing to handle the demands of repeat manufacturing, but it’s another completely to handle the demands of high-variable, multi-stage production.

Whatever your plant’s mix of project types—engineer-to-order, make-to-order, configure-to-order and mixed mode or repeat—Genius ERP comes out-of-the-box with features to move your production to the next level, in terms of both throughput and profitability per project.

The Genius ERP Difference-Maker

Ensure Profitability

Can you say with absolute certainty which jobs are profitable and their true costs? With Genius ERP, actionable business insights and details regarding cost, benefits and logistics become clear.

Improve Throughput

Are you maximizing job capacity with your existing resources?  Does one point in production create issues over and over? Genius ERP is the manufacturing software for optimizing production, from quote to cash.

Aim for Growth

Growth never comes easily, especially without the right foundation. Genius ERP helps companies increases effectiveness with their existing resources, improving customer satisfaction, job costs and business oversight so that sustainable growth can follow.

Design-to-delivery: covered, centralized and controlled.

Here are some standard ERP for SME features:


Right out the gate, save on engineering time and align projects for headache- and error-free success with software that converts CADs into BOMs, ready for procurement, planning and pricing.

Shop floor scheduling

Don’t let one point in production slow all projects down. Genius ERP is designed to prevent WIP accumulation by optimizing scheduling in real-time and according to true constraints.

Connected accounting, customer portals and your MRP

Say no more to patched systems, piles of spreadsheets, team miscommunications and missed opportunities: keep all your job, payment and sales information in one place—for both your team and your valuable customers.

The best ERP for manufacturing is one that's designed to fit.
Discover manufacturing management software built for your specific processes.

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Work with mechanical engineers, not just IT guys

When you choose an ERP, you also choose the team that will get you up and running. Specialized along industry verticals, Genius ERP consultants speak the language of manufacturing. Your best people know your business inside out. Same goes for us.

Proud to help manufacturers grow
across North America

Hinds-Bock chose Genius ERP to manage its complex engineer-to-order business platform.

Hinds-Bock Corporation

Food & Bakery

“They really were experts. Not only in software – they also spoke the language of manufacturing.”

-- Jennifer Hinds, ERP project lead

From top-floor to shop-floor.

Learn how Genius ERP is more than just MRP software for SME manufacturers.
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Genius Solutions knows manufacturing, and our manufacturing experts are ready to help you grow.

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