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Genius CAD2BOM

ETO manufacturers: Go from product development to production like never before.

Bridge gaps and get a jump on production

Genius ETM is designed for your product development team to save time, eliminate errors, prepare inventory and fine-tune quotation and estimation right off the bat at the product design phase.

Designing and developing with CAD2BOM

Genius CAD2BOM is a product engineering software that integrates with SolidWorks or Inventor, and with one click produces a bill of materials. Reduces unsynchronized information, work redundancy, and data entry errors during the product development process with CAD2BOM.

Other Genius ETM features:

  • SolidWorks and Inventor integration
  • Fully configurable mapping between CAD properties and Genius fields
  • Routing functions
  • Progressive BOM release for lightweight assembly & partial transfer of project
  • SolidWorks Cutlist profiles integration
  • Inventor Frame Generator integration
  • Multiple naming and mapping options with CAD
  • Compare and merge BOMs

Features of Interest

We're partners for growth with manufacturers across North America.

Elemoose ERP Software Case Study

Custom Fabricator / Springfield, MO

Genius ERP has been instrumental in helping Elemoose transform their processes and keep on top of their job costs.

Reelex ERP Software Case Study

Equipment & Packaging / Patterson, NY

Reelex needed an ERP for high volume production runs, and one that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing.

Hinds-Bock Co. ERP Software Case Study

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful ERP installs, Hinds-Bock needed to find a flexible, all-in-one solution for its complex ETO business platform.

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