Business Intelligence ERP Module

With good data comes reliable reports: the insights of Genius Business Intelligence ERP are made easy to understand through a suite of reports and indicator options for SME manufacturers.

Information on the dashboard

Genius ERP solutions puts a range of reports at your fingertips, helping you to analyze information across your operations and takes informed decisions.

KPIs in check

Reach objectives by setting targets and measuring progress with each new job order.

Business Intelligence (BI Software)   

All Genius Manufacturing forms, reports and analytical tools are built on Microsoft Report Building Technology (SSRS).


Set up alerts in your enterprise resource planning ERP to stay in control of your most important activities. Let live graphical dashboards (late jobs, late employees, quote conversion rate, purchase order with backorders, etc.), help guide shifting priorities.

Features of Interest

We're partners for growth with manufacturers across North America.

Reelex ERP Software Case Study

Equipment & Packaging / Patterson, NY

Reelex needed an ERP for high volume production runs, and one that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing.

Hinds-Bock Co. ERP Software Case Study

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful ERP installs, Hinds-Bock needed to find a flexible, all-in-one solution for its complex ETO business platform.

Fil-Trek ERP Software Case Study

Pressure Vessel & Tank / Cambridge, ON

This industrial filtration PV & T manufacturer needed greater control of its systems to manage their business.

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