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Anne Mulvenna

Meet the new Genius

Genius ERP: ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturing.

Meet the new Genius on the block, or should we say, shop floor!

We’re excited to announce today that we are releasing a new brand identity, including a new logo, colors, and fonts. You’ll start to see our new logo and brand everywhere, like on our website, Twitter, and at trade shows — and in time it will be integrated into your Genius ERP system as well. We’re the same Genius Solutions at heart, focused on working closely with our customers to ensure their manufacturing processes run smoothly from top floor to shop floor, but we feel our new branding better reflects our core values and matches who we are as a growing company.

At the core of our new logo is a stylized gear. We chose a gear not only because of its deep ties to the manufacturing industry, but because a gear is only effective if it is working together in tandem with other moving parts. That is kind of how we see ourselves here — we’re one piece of the puzzle, working together with all of your other machinery, tools, and systems, to build something great together. The Genius gear also symbolizes a connection point between every department we work with, bringing together knowledge and strategy from all areas of business into one end-to-end solution.

At Genius Solutions we are passionate about working in close partnership with our customers and moving forward together. We’re always looking to improve our product, offer more features, and give our partners outstanding customer service (check out Genius v11 to see our newest features and functionalities!). We hope you like our new look and see how it reflects who we are as a company. We’re the same Genius Solutions as before, but now we’re just as smart looking outside as we are inside.

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