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Introducing GearUP by Genius ERP!

Genius ERP: ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturing.

Introducing GearUP by Genius ERP!

Genius ERP is excited to announce its newest product: GearUP by Genius ERP!

GearUP is the same cloud-based ERP system trusted and loved by over 300 manufacturers across North America, but we have created a unique self-implementation process that allows small businesses to implement Genius ERP on their own — through a phased approach — at a reduced cost. It is a way for smaller manufacturing companies to get our best-in-class manufacturing-specific ERP at a price that makes sense for small companies.

GearUP is specifically designed for small manufacturing businesses, typically those with fewer than 30 employees, who are looking to get their first ERP system — and have the ability and capacity to implement the system independently.

Improve Your Manufacturing with GearUP

GearUP includes all of the features that manufacturers need to improve throughput, increase efficiency, and lower costs. All of the following tools and functionalities are included in GearUP:

  • Job management
  • Inventory management, including inventory control and traceability
  • Purchasing
  • Quoting and estimating
  • Scheduling and capacity management
  • Shop floor management, including time collection
  • Job costing
  • A complete accounting suite
  • Quality assurance
  • Sales management
  • Project management
  • Reports, analytics, and business intelligence

Plus, Genius ERP takes care of the cloud hosting, database setup, and security backup, meaning GearUP requires no infrastructure or servers on your end — making it a safe and flexible solution for remote working.

GearUP is a unique way for small manufacturers to get an industry-leading manufacturing-specific ERP system that can help solve current problems and pain points — but also one that is robust and can grow with any business.

A New Way to Implement an ERP System

GearUP by Genius ERP uses a process-by-process self-implementation method especially suited to small manufacturing companies looking for their first ERP system.

Our proven implementation methodology and online training resources allow small businesses to implement GeniusERP at their own pace — putting in place what is important to them now — and eventually building a complete ERP system over time. Small shops can improve what they need to most first, plus eventually get an entire manufacturing-specific ERP system at a price and on a timeline that works for them. 

Genius Academy, our industry-leading e-learning program, guides teams through every step of the implementation process, from kick-off to go-live. Training — e-learning modules, videos, virtual classes, and more — is personalized for each role within the organization and allows manufacturers to eliminate the need for costly consultants. Online personalized training provides the instruction and preparation needed to launch a new system at a considerably lower price than traditional in-person training.

To successfully self-implement Genius ERP, a small business needs a strong internal champion willing and able to take on the ins and outs of the ERP implementation process.

A champion will guide the implementation process for you, becoming an expert on the system. This individual needs to walk a tight line between having authority and influence over the company while also having excellent communication skills and being open and approachable by all employees. A champion will quickly resolve any issues that arise and can help the rest of your staff learn to use the system with ease. 

A strong internal champion makes self-implementation possible and will make your implementation of Genius ERP a success.


If you think your company is a good fit for GearUP by Genius ERP, learn more here!

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