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Genius Solutions’ Chris Shadbolt talks with IndustrialSage at Modex 2018

Genius ERP: ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturing.

Genius Solutions’ Chris Shadbolt was interviewed by IndustrialSage at MODEX 2018 in Atlanta. Watch the video and read the interview below to learn why getting to know our customers is the most important thing to us as a company.

You can see the interview HERE.

IndustrialSage: What brings you [to MODEX 2018] today?

Chris: [Genius ERP is] a manufacturing specific ERP company, and a lot of the [attendees] here are potential customers for us. There’s a lot of types of customers, or different types of manufacturers here, and they are very good fits for our type of manufacturing.

IndustrialSage: Right, so you are finding the show has been pretty productive for you, meeting a lot of the right people?

Chris: Absolutely, we’re meeting a lot of different types of customers, but we’re also meeting a lot of different types of people inside the companies. We’re meeting CFOs, CEOs, but we’re also meeting some of the people who would be our users for the actual system, whether it be purchasing individuals or even people in the IT department. So it’s actually been a very very good show for us overall.

IndustrialSage: That’s great! So what kind of particular ERP systems are you working with? And what are you most excited about pushing this 2018?

Chris: That’s a good question. Because we are a manufacturing specific ERP, one of the things we hyper-focus on is the custom manufacturing world. So where there is a customer that has a different type of product that is specifically designed by an engineering department, and when there are a lot of specific details that are required for an actual project, whether it’s project management, or that the actual details itself in a CAD environment. All that type of information is fed directly from the CAD software into our software. So the reality is that we are looking for those customers that are really hyper-focused on the engineering side of the business. And then obviously our software works very well hand-in-hand with them, to get their objectives hit, whether it be from an engineering perspective, or right down to the shop floor, and the controls we have for them there. So we can control basically anything from an engineering right through the cash process, and invoicing and accounting as well. Like I said there is a lot of those customers here and we’ve made a lot of great contacts. This has been a very successful show for us.

IndustrialSage: That’s great. And if you have a very specific niche of people you want to be speaking to, obviously coming to a trade show like this is obviously a great way to get in front of the right people. What other ways are you reaching out to your audience and spreading the word about your products?

Chris: That’s a really good marketing question. That’s kind of the $10,000 question in many ways. We meet a lot of great customers at their booths and making those direct contacts with people and developing those relationships is really key for us. That’s one way we do it. We also have an internal marketing program that is driven by our marketing department. It allows us to really pick and choose the people that we want to go to in those companies. A lot of those people we meet here, so we do some pre-marketing of our product before hand for the product and also we kind of just develop our relationships on a one-on-one basis. It’s kind of what sets us apart a little bit in terms of the ERP that we have versus some of the bigger companies that are out there. The personal touch is really important to us. Customers become in many ways our friends. So as far as marketing and what we’re doing in the next 12 to 14 months, we’re launching another new software upgrade allowing us to go after a little bit of a broader market - and that broader market, again we’re going to be finding a lot of those customers here. So even though there is custom manufacturing, we’re kind of spreading our wings as well. It really does start with the personal touch in a lot of ways.

IndustrialSage: Yeah, absolutely. I imagine for a personalized product that really goes a long way. Great, well Chris if anyone wants to reach out to you, watching this video at home or at the office, how can they best reach you?

Chris: Well, it’s Genius ERP and they can research us online as Genius ERP and if they want to get in touch with me directly the easiest way to do it is email me at

IndustrialSage: Alright, sounds great. Well thank you very much for your time Chris, and good luck this week!

Chris: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you very much.

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