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Genius ERP Achieves Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Certification Status

Genius ERP: ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturing.

Genius ERP is now certified for engineer-to-order (ETO) enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), a leading provider of independent software research, evaluation tools, and selection services.


TEC highlights that Genius ERP is built as a comprehensive solution for small to midsize (SMB)manufacturing companies with custom manufacturing needs. The software provides a high level of functionality to these manufacturers: “The Genius ERP solution is a particularly strong fit for companies where the engineering department needs to be engaged throughout the manufacturing process. Because the software is built with engineering in mind, Genius customers can manage engineering changes on the fly—a situation that trips up other software solutions.”[1]


Genius ERP completed the TEC certification program,which includes a product demonstration session and bench marking analysis with a TEC senior ERP analyst. The demo and bench marking analysis cover the main functional areas of an ERP solution as well as other features such as user experience,interface, workflow, and more.


The resulting report written by the TEC senior ERP analyst provides its readers with an in-depth review of Genius ERP from the point of view of an industry-savvy and independent research analyst from TEC. Certification ensures that Genius Solutions has demonstrated Genius ERP’s support for specific real-world business processes chosen by TEC analysts.


In their evaluation, TEC underscores the unique functionality and features Genius ERP has developed and built for highly variable manufacturers. “Genius ERP has some particularly well thought-out capabilities to support to-order manufacturing processes. These features support processes that are vitally important to customers of the solution, such as quoting and estimating, CAD integration, and production scheduling. These features are unique to Genius ERP and make it stand out from the crowd when comparing it with other discrete manufacturing ETO ERP systems.”[2]

To learn more, you can read the full certification report here:


About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

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[1] Ted Rohm ERP Software Review: Genius ERP by Genius Solutions for Engineer-to-Order (ETO) ERP Manufacturing September 25, 2019


[2] Ibid

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