Genius Solutions prides itself in its profound industry expertise and ability to meet the needs of custom manufacturers. Genius Manufacturing ERP is a solution that incoporates CAD software to a great degree. As such, we recognize the value of properly implementing CAD software and do our best to effectively guide customers throughout the implementation process. We feel it is important to partner with CAD specialists to ensure that our customers receive the the best possible support before, during, and after implementation.



D3 Technologies is a consulting company that partners with manufacturers to design better products and get to market faster by leveraging best-in-class engineering, design, process automation, and data management technologies. D3 partners with manufacturing companies to design better products and bring them to market faster through Training, Mentoring, Support, Professional Services, Engineering Technologies and Prototyping solutions.




D3 Technologies is located across the United States: 


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With solutions centered around the SolidWorks 3D CAD platform, SolidXperts can help you significantly develop, improve and produce high quality designs. With a wide range of SolidWorks products, you have the tools that are necessary to create your concepts, validate their performance all in real-life conditions, and securely manage and store files in Enterprise PDM. In addition, SolidXperts offers you a complete line of partner products to deliver industry and task specific solutions. No matter the size of your business, SolidXperts will provide you with the right solution tailored to your budget to help you design the most superior products.


SolidXperts is a SolidWorks authorized reseller in Eastern Canada, Québec and New England.


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