Implementation Methodology


We have fine-tuned an implementation methodology over our 20+ years. Our toolbox provides guidance to stakeholders during your implementation project. We create a project plan adapted and tailored to your individual objectives.

Step 1

Software Installation


Step 2

Kick-off Meeting and Business Process Analysis

Key deliverables: definition of scope; project objectives


Step 3

Business Process Design

Key deliverables: prototype company; project plan; training plan


Step 4


Key deliverables: user manuals; exercises


Step 5

Preparation and Coaching for Go-Live

Key deliverables: process simulation; data import


Step 6


Key deliverables: go-live per scope definition; coaching and support


Step 7

Post Go-Live Support

Key deliverables: on-site support; off-site support


Step 8

First Month-End

Key deliverables: validation of indicators; confirmation of processes


Step 9

Project Acceptance and Closing

Key deliverables: project closing report; formal acceptance


Step 10

Transition to Customer Service and Support

Key deliverables: transition to customer success manager and technical support

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