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Navigating the ERP Selection Process

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The E-Book aims to provide you with a new perspective that will allow you to take necessary action when purchasing a software solution!

What this manual will teach you?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new solution or replace your current management software, this guide will help you navigate the selection process in order to find a solution that best suits your needs. 

This guide will not attempt to veer you toward one particular solution over another, it will help you establish a process for selecting an ERP solution with a definitive beginning and end. Often, the process drags on and lacks breadth. We aim to provide you with a new perspective that will allow you to take necessary action!


  • Why purchase an ERP software?
  • Phases of an ERP Purchasing Process
  • Types of Software Solutions Available
  • Risks Associated with Purchasing an ERP

About Genius Manufacturing ERP

With over 20 years of experience working with small to midsize custom manufacturers, our team has acquired the knowledge and skills to help your company optimize production, reduce costs and establish new performance standards. We deliver complete solutions, including software, implementation services and field expertise to meet the needs of make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturing companies across the US and Canada aiming to effectively manage their growth.

Our full-suite of Genius Manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was developed by expert industrial engineers, who continuously work on research and development hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology and serve the needs of our focus industries.

Reason why companies have chosen an ERP.
"It was getting difficult to manage all these systems that were not talking to each other. That’s when we decided we had to make a change and go to an ERP."
Paul Thomason, Fil-Trek Corp.
"We needed to take control of our supply chain, have information in real-time, and have full control over our inventory."
Claudia Dubois, AddÉnergie